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Solarium Solarium

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I Greatly Enjoy This Song!

Hey man! I <3 This song. Found it on Flashkit, ( I think it was top voted?) And liked it, so I saved it. BOred today so I googled your name, and this came up, I found a longer version, so I checked it out. I thought I'd let you know its cool. I used it here:

Vimeo Andrew Kelley
"High Speed Camera"
(Soryy, It says I cant use HTMLs)

S3C responds:

haha thats awesome. i forgot about that place. I was going to submit my loops there at one point, but Flashkit is practically dead. I like NG tho :)

The video....well, I guess creepy techno music fits the message. Whatever message there is to be conveyed about doing flips on a trampoline and throwing balls at guitars all while blowing out candles on a cake. lol nice camera! Also, familiar scenery, you wouldnt happen to live in Arizona would you?

Thanks for the review and usage in your video! I appreciate the interest!